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The Philadelphia Roundtable

  Bringing you insightful, dynamic thought, discussion and a 360 degree approach to a better quality of life! Come build with us!

No More Warz- Reggae Mx*
B.M.I. f/Majestic (Beats, Ryhmes, Songs & Alt.Mixes,Vol.1)


North Philadelphia, JAZZ FESTIVAL August 12, 2017    Start  1.30 - 8.30 pm
at Broad St and Cecil B Moore, North Philadephia, PA 19132    FREE FOR ALL
                    Call for info and vendor :  215 763 8868

Summer trip and our recent visit to beautiful country of CUBA

Peace and welcome to the Philadelphia Roundtable.
This roundtable has been convened for the education
entertainment and uplift of the urban residents of this historic 
Our purpose in selecting the kinds of coverage that we've put  forth so far has been based on the lack of attention given to good people doing good things. Especially here in Philly. 
Mainstream media does not notice the laborers who 
sacrifice to correct the injustices that plague our communities. 
We've chosen to fill in the gap that a lack of access to 
commercial radio and tv have caused. So we tell our own 
LAST YEAR EVENT  : October, 2016

New fundraising event at Beckett Life Center 1410 N. 16th Street Phila., Pa. 1:00-5:00pm Sunday October 9th!
Healthier Cooking and lifestyle Expo!
 Join us (Philaroundtable.webs.com. and I.L.C.) for an afternoon of food, fun and prizes. Chef James Mitchell of Cafe Mills fame will be lecturing and cooking for us all. This is a donation only event! Money raised will not only cover the expense of putting on the event but raise money for Beckett's and other urban farm efforts in North Philly. Join us as we come together to end the "food desert" for good. Free blood pressure screenings for early arrivers! International vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared by the chef. Call 267-787-8488 for detailed information, call 443-469-7241 Adon Aesh/ E-mail: [email protected] for direct donation (paypal), super low cost ad space available!
     Call Today! Donate! See you Sunday!
This event to be recorded for youtube! Come be the star that you are.

May 2016
Special Event Success!
Fundraising lecture series at the "Lest we forget Slavery Holocaust Museum" (see right column for video tour! ) Sunday (May 22, 2016 @ 3650 Richmond Street in Port Richmond Philadelphia, Pa.) was a great success! This special event was being held to support the efforts Mr. and Mrs. Ragsdale in establishing the "Lest we Forget Slavery Holocaust Museum".
        For a $15.00 donation 35 people were treated to a 45 minute tour of the Museum by the owners, followed with a lecture by three panelists who presented their evidence concerning the "ethnic " identity of the so-called African American before the Atlantic slave trade. The panelists represented unique and diverse viewpoints, however, this was not a debate! More of a comparison of information .

267-687-8488 / email: [email protected],


          Join us for the upcoming summer organic gardening



Nu Music, Art, Culture, Old Friends

This dept. FEATURES "positive" Indie music and art! Send copyrighted materials to:
International Don (above left) former Philadelphian hailing from Guyana SOUTH AMERICA rapping reaggaeton . Coming soon! Nitro DeLuxe Sessions @ the Harlem Underground,  photo below.
Manny Scretching (above), a.k.a. Nitro Deluxe 1960-2011
Native Philadelphian had two classic house hits on Cutting Records, Inc. out of N.Y.C.  in the late 80'S and recorded with Nation Records, Inc. in Philly before making transition after a series of long illnesses. Performer and composer Nitro worked with quite a few well known artists including Philly International's own Dexter Wansel. We will post as many of his Nation Records, Inc. recordings as possible in the near future. Check out our composition, "Nitro's" Party featuring Denise King next issue.
Philadelphia roundtable

Don't forget to tune in and join our open forum discussion, share your thoughts, comments a
nd send us your feedback .  Whether you have something to share, want to be part of solution, or just want to express whatever in your mind .
Technology, science, society and civilization
(making tech work for your life and business.)
Technology has grown and expanded rapidly in our human civilization .   What is the impact and the implication of science in human civilization ?   Does science help and increase the quality of life or does it divert mankind from reality of consciousness ?
That is the question we should ask !  
However in many way technology and science has made our life simple and easier .

PhillyCAM, Public Access Television, Comcast 66/966 & Verizon 29/30

Phillycam is a community media center that brings together the people of Philadelphia to make, share and promote creative expression, democratic values and civic participation. Located at ;  699 Ranstead St, between 7st Chestnut & Market st .

Town Watch, crime prevention and Safety environment initiative .

Philadelphia Police Department and  town watch organization are working together to secure our community and neighborhood from crimes and suspicious activities .   Go to Town watch  and phila.gov to know how and what you can do to get involve and become volunteer .

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Small business and Entrepreneurship

Support Philadelphia Round Table
Give back to the community and purchase products from our community's members .

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 Above; Denise's handcrafted gifts & Collectibles, 
215-669-3372, email: [email protected]


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Philadelphia roundtable you tube channel
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Mr. J.J. Ragsdale guides us on an quick tour of... "Lest We Forget" Museum $10.00 admission for adults. Don't let this effort go in vain!

(A.K.A.; the Black Holocaust Slavery Museum
3650 Richmond St. 19134 www.lwfmuseumofslavery.net 
215-205-4324. A "very" few exhibits below, tons more on site. Call to schedule a tour!

Help Mumia Abu Jamal!
His condition is grave,  
He needs your assistance!
Video below!

      Is Queen Elizabeth a Zionist who still rules the       _____________world???  video below.

                 Guess whose got your stuff 
          Hebrew Israelites and Khemites? 
                           Video above.

   Want more info? check out the link below!  
www.africa resouce.com Africa Resource


Re-Evolutionary Radio
All our up coming
 RADIO show needs is you! 
Contact Amir for more info [email protected]
Show time available, call now! 
Don't forget to tune in to our friends;

Missing Pages of History
Bi-Weekly Radio Show

Tune in every other Saturday at 12 pm
Listen to the progressive, revolutionary mind and movement! 
"Nu-Day resurrection
hosted by...

 Empress Chi, Radio Show , founder of (N.M.W.M) The
National Million Women March Movement

Philadelphia Roundtable talk brings you a variety of topics :

The facts about salt / Food Fit Philly

Do you know how much salt are you eating ? 

Salt can lead to you High blood pressure, heart attack and stroke ;  find out how salt can harm your health .

A project of Public Health City of Philadelphia & Center for Disease Control & Prevention .

Holistic herbs and organic food .
You are what you eat !  S
elf sustainable organic food and herbs should be your alternative and priority for a healthy mind, body, soul & spirit  .  visit some of the well known worthy resource with
Dr. Paul's herbs.

The Civil rights movement and the demand for social justice .
Many social injustices happen around the globe and from the conflict in "the  middle east", domestic violence, gun violence, police brutality and misconduct and so forth . Many activists speak up and raise their voices, such Reverand Al Shaprton, leader of National
Action Network ...
African American Culture and Museum in Philadelphia
Visit AAMP to experience the richness and vibrancy of African American heritage and culture. Come experience our four magnificent exhibition galleries filled with exciting history and fascinating art .


The rise of ISLAM in America has always been influenced by the history of the African slave trade in America and the post slavery surge towards equality.
In this regard ICPIC ( Islamic Cultural Preservation & Information Council ) or Muslim American Museum and Archive
has established their vision and goal in preserving the history of African people in North America and the rise of ISLAM for our future generations to come  . 
Come and visit new africa center
Drug, Alcohol, HIV AIDS and violence prevention
Illegal drug, alcoholism, AIDS and sexual transmitted disease are widely spread across the country .  
Ms. Emma Lee Smith from  cultural presets has built an awareness prevention language dialogue through a workshop, a combination of expert material, discussion, hands on activities and with an enjoyable media presentation .  
Philadelphia FIGHT is comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary, customer education, advocacy and research on potential treatments and vaccines located in 1233 Locust st 3fl, Philadelphia, PA 19107 .  (215) 985 4448

       A few folks vending @ Jazz on the Ave.        ........Summer of 2015!

Above: Span Man's Official Negro League Athletic Wear!

            Above; Moroccan Imports by Marrakesh
                        [email protected]